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Trouble connecting to RDP?

Here is a way to clear your RDP history/cache. In doing so, you are ensuring that your RDP application is trying to connect to the correct Windows domain.

Microsoft has release a Fix It tool that clears your RDP history/cache. They explain more on the Fix It Tools page, here is a direct link to the Tool.
1. Once you have downloaded, open the Fix It tool, and run the installer:
2. Select Run
3. Agree and Next
4. This is what you should see after installing it:
5. Now Open RDP
6. Copy and Paste your IP address. It should prefill the username
7. Press connect and it should take you to the next form:
8. Select Use another account:
RDP Tutorial
9. Copy and Paste the Username and the Password, you will see a Domain: section (3.) Make sure this does not say your local computers name, for Hostwinds Clients it should be something similar to this.

10. You may be prompted for a invalid certificate, This is generally normal. Select Yes and that is it, You should now be able to use RDP to connect to your VPS.