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How to configure timeout settings in FileZilla

Before starting this discussion of how to configure timeout settings in FileZilla, you have to know why this error occurs? Here I have discussed this in detail. So just read on.

Suppose you are uploading a relatively large file or any type of file via your ftp client ex. FileZilla (here I have used FileZilla for explaining this) and every time there showing an error that connection timeout and uploading process starts again for that specific file.

Have you faced this problem? If you haven’t then also it will be helpful information for you. Now you must be thinking what is the actual reason for this problem? Right?

The problem is related to the internal timeout settings of FileZilla. Actually there is a predefined timeout settings by default in FileZilla.

So if your file is relatively large in size or your internet connection speed is not up to the mark, then the uploading process fails within that predefined timeout settings and this type of Connection Timeout error occurs and upload starts again.

Now you will ask, has there any solution to resolve this issue? Obviously there has. You have to just configure Timeout Settings in FileZilla.

Here I have shown you the way of how you can change this settings according to your needs.

Step 1: Open FileZilla client application on your desktop. A new window will open for FileZilla.

Step 2: Then click Edit on menu bar and select Settings option.

Step 3: Then click Settings and a new small Settings window will open. In the left side of the Settings window there is a subsection  called Select page, select the top option calledConnection (by default it is selected when you open Settings window if it is not then select it manually).

When you click on the connection link you will get an option to set timeout on the right side. In that Timeout section you will get an option to set timeout value from 0-599 seconds.

Set this according to your need or you can disable this Timeout settings by settings its value to 0.

Step 4: Now click OK.

You are done. Now start re uploading your files.